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Holiday Shopping Tips

I absolutely love this time of the year! I love decorating, visiting friends and family and even shopping. What I can't stand is the holiday rush, long lines and those rude people fighting over parking spaces. Don’t leave out those that are willing to knock you down trying to get to that last Star Wars toy. So this year I am making my list and checking it twice. No need to get frantic and buy up the whole mall on December 23rd. I am hitting the stores earlier hoping to avoid the madness. Here is the Sporty Momma’s guide to Holiday Shopping! Happy Holidays!


1. Make a list and stick to it!

2. Shop early to avoid overspending the day before Christmas.

3. Arrive to the store early enough to get a parking spot close to the entrance (Safety first)

4. Leave the kiddos at home. (Every year I say that I am not taking them and I always have to make a last minute trip to buy something and they just drive me crazy)

5. Have the bottle of wine ready! (No matter how much you plan ahead, wine is always good!)

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