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The Definition of a Sporty Momma

Everyone always asks me what is Sporty Mommas! Most of you guys that have been following me for years know that it is my passion. But you may not know where it came from. When my husband retired earlier than we expected our world quickly changed. We went from a routine life full of traveling, games, unpacking and packing to what’s  next. He was in a tough place and honestly so was I. So I began journaling and creating stuff. Jewelry, t-shirts, whatever I could find from Michael’s… I was experimenting. Then one night I dreamt of my grandma and I was reminded of her strength during well everything. No matter how tough the situation was she put on that wig, her favorite outfit and that red lipstick. Do ya’ll know what I’m talking about? She and so many women in my life were Sporty Mommas.  Our moms, grandmas, aunts, godmothers, teachers. They were hardworking, no nonsense, stylish, dedicated, sophisticated mommas that simply got shit done!!!! The definition of a Sporty Momma shirt sums it all up. It is for all of you Supermoms that handle your business, run businesses, raise kids, cook, clean, shop, care for others, volunteer and love to look good while doing it. We are Sporty Mommas! Did you know that you can take $5 off your Definition of a Sporty Momma tee with code BOSSMOM?


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Fall Faves

Fall is here and that means we get to change it up a little in the MIA! It isn’t as cool yet but that doesn’t mean that we can’t start mixing the Fall trends with our South Florida weather. Here are a few of my must have Fall pieces that will keep you looking and feeling fly! (minus  the cool temperatures)


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Trending: Everything Denim

It’s all about Denim in Spring 2016! The runways, magazines and Instagram are overflowing with denim this season. From stilettos to bikinis, patched, whitewashed, distressed, shorts, bags, you name it. Mix your old favorites with a new pair of sneakers or perhaps a Valentino handbag. Whatever you decide, rock it with pride! Here are a few of our denim faves from Neiman Marcus! Shop 

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