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Vacation Essentials

After returning home from a week long, two country vacation, I just had to share what I learned. I spent about a week preparing for my trips. Ok maybe 2. I overpacked and over spent trying to make sure I had everything I needed for Mexico and Paradise Island. I did have more than enough but I realized that I really only needed a few essentials. No matter where you are going you need at least one pair of jeans and jean shorts. One swimsuit per day is sufficient and you can never go wrong with a few rompers and maxi dresses. One large tote and a small clutch or cross body. Two pair of heels and lots of sandals. Did I say lots of sandals? I kept my Sporty Momma bling cap with me at all times and it came in handy. I really enjoyed both trips but I am so glad to be home! Now I need to go return all of the items I didn't need. Lol, or not! Happy Travels! 




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